The Masters Remember


Many people are fascinated by the idea of reincarnation, yet it is important to live fully in the here and now. So it is not this book’s intention to promote an escape from reality but rather to show how memories from past lives can actually help us to walk the path of our current life. For this reason the Masters have decided to speak about who they were in past lives and what they have learnt. Saint Germain tells us about his lives as Merlin, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon and Saint Germain; Jesus speaks of his time in Atlantis and Serapis Bey of his experiences as an incarnate angel. Also read the stories of Lady Portia, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Djwal Khul. The themes of their lives are mirrored in our lives: the search for our own identity, our relationships, finding our life purpose, self acceptance, surrender and compassion. As with Edwin Courtenay’s first book „The Ascended Masters‘ Book of Ritual and Prayer“, this one also radiates magic, charm, love and understanding. Those passages which touch us most give us messages and pointers to the areas we may need to work on in this life. What could be more consoling than to know that our brothers and sisters in the light, the Ascended Masters, had to overcome the same issues as we do? Be comforted, embraced and enchanted by the stories in this book.

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